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Welcome to Dancer's page!  He is my homegrown boy from the Celebration litter whelped 4/26/2009.  He was the Yellow boy in the litter.  This fellow has a wonderful outgoing happy disposition and an infectious zest for life.  He is happiest when he is slobbering all over his big stuffed football.  

I had so much fun showing him as my first Bred by Exhibitor dog.  He amazed me by earning points every show weekend but his first, ending his championship with back to back majors at the Belle City Kennel Club show at Purina Farms, MO. in March 2011.  Now he will get a chance to mature and maybe try his hand at herding before I decide whether or not to special him.



Dec. 2012 Dancer passed his CERF eye exam with flying colors!

Feb 28, 2012 Just received word from OFA that Dancer received a score of Excellent hips and Normal elbows!

March 5-6, 2011 - Gray Summit, MO  Dancer shocked me by going WD and BOW both days, earning back to back 4 point majors his first weekend out since last August.  I had forgotten just about everything I knew, but Dancer behaved like a pro!  He is now unofficially Champion Shetara's Celebrate the Dance, my first Bred by Exhibitor champion!

August 28-29,2010 - Topeka, KS Dancer earned 2 more points under judge Norman Kenney, going WD and BW.  He is so much fun to show.  He really is enjoying the attention and his coat is looking so much better.  He has 11 points now, so one good major could finish him off.  Won't do that until next year though.  I'm concentrating on a house hunt now, so we're taking the slow road to his championship!  I just realized that Dancer has earned points every weekend I've had him out to a show (except for his first show and the National Specialty).

May 29 - 31, 2010 - Tulsa, OK Dancer went WD Sat & again Monday for two more points.  9 points and counting now!  He needs one more major and some singles to finish.  We'll take the summer off so he can regrow his coat and pick it up again this fall.

May 7-8, 2010 Belgian Sheepdog National Specialty - Had a wonderful time at the National Specialty with Dancer, despite the condition of his coat.  All my Belgians had an allergic reaction to a flea/tick preventative called TriForce.  It caused skin irritation and itching to such a degree that Dancer chewed out huge holes down to the pink skin along his back and tail.  Thanks to a fellow BSD owner, I contacted the vet and got a wonder spray called Gentomicin Spray.  It started working instantly to relieve the itching and within days Dancer's coat started to come back in.  He was still rather bald for the specialty, but I'm hoping he'll look better for his next show Memorial Day weekend.  In spite of his lack of coat, he placed third in the Bred by Exhibitor class!  I was so thrilled.  Met lots of great people and dogs at the show. 

Mar 19, 2010 - Independence, MO.  Dancer went WD & BOW for his first 3 point major under judge Mrs Robert S Forsyth.  It's only his 4th weekend of showing and he now has 7 points!  

Mar 13-14, 2010 - Columbia, MO was Dancer's 3rd weekend of shows and what a weekend!  Saturday he surprised me by going WD and BOW over 3 very nice girls and 1 boy for 1 point under judge Christopher Tilghman Neale.  Then Sunday under Pat Hastings he went WD, BOW, and BOB over the same 3 girls plus two male specials for two more points.  Then she pulled him in groups for the first cut.  It was so exciting!  It was a great weekend!  Got to socialize with Linda Wagonner and her friend Margaret who introduced me to a FABULOUS chinese buffet in Columbia called The Great Wall.  Can't wait to eat there again.

Dec. 2009 - Dancer lost 3 teeth (P1 and P2's) chewing on razor sharp cow hooves today.  I didn't take a good look at them when I gave them out and all the dogs came in with bloody mouths. It was a horrifying sight!  I certainly hope they were baby teeth and will grow back in, but at 7 months old that's not likely.  If not, he's still so nice overall that I don't  think it will affect his show career.  But it is a disappointment as I had wanted him for my first specials dog.

Nov. 8, 2009 Dancer earned his first point at the Springfield, MO show from the Bred By Exhibitor class under judge Pat Hastings. Fun day!

Oct 31-Nov 1, 2009 Dancer's very first weekend of showing went very well. Although he didn't place in the show, he did place 3rd in BBE Group competition and the judge was very complimentary.