The "Final Tour" Litter

(Puppies will be named after George Strait Hits)

Week 10 Puppy Pictures

Whelped 2/22/2014

Well, this is a bittersweet time for me. The puppies are starting to go to their new homes.  While I do look forward to less work and a little more peace and quiet around the house, these guys sure do keep me entertained.  Next weekend more puppies will head off to their new home and there will be lots more room in the puppy pen and maybe a little less din around feeding time!  Still have several nice boys looking for forever homes...


Black Girl (Shetara's Heaven Is Missing An Angel  ) Angel went to her new home in Kansas this weekend


Blue Boy


Green Boy (Shetara's Ocean Front Property)  - Arizona heads home to Nebraska next weekend


Orange Boy


Pink Girl (Shetara's Adalida) - Addy went to her new home in South Dakota this weekend


Purple Boy - (Shetara's Blame it On Mexico) - Whiskey is staying with me for now


White Boy - (Shetara's Here For A Good Time) - Charlie is staying with me for now

White Girl - (Shetara's She'll Leave You With a Smile) - Kira went to her new home in Indiana last weekend


Yellow Boy