The "Final Tour" Litter

(Puppies will be named after George Strait Hits)

Week 8 Puppy Pictures

Whelped 2/22/2014


Ears are mostly up now!  They spend most of their day playing very hard outside.  They use the dog door to get into their indoor pen in the basement.  They are all pooping outside now, with the occasional pee accident inside.  In a few weeks they will be old enough to start crate training.  I picked up some flag banners at the Dollar Store and hung them in their pen to get them desensitized to fluttering, flapping things.  I put the turtle pool in their pen today and they had lots of fun splashing in it.  Several big thunderstorms rumbled through today and that didn't phase them a bit.

Unfortunately, my camera died while trying to take the 8 week pictures so I didn't get many decent pics. I will pick up a new camera so I can get pics taken again as soon as possible.

Black Girl


Blue Boy

Green Boy

Orange Boy


Pink Girl

Purple Boy

White Boy

White Girl

Yellow Boy