The "Music" Litter

Week 19 Puppy Pictures

Whelped 6/6/2013

Five puppies have gone to their forever homes, but I kept 4 puppies back from the litter to evaluate as show prospects.  At 19 weeks, it is still difficult for me to narrow it down and make my final selection, but I'm getting closer to making the final cut.  Unfortunately, it is even more difficult for me to get a decent picture of them!

The puppies are now crate trained and ALMOST perfect in the house.  There is still the occasional accident because it is VERY difficult to watch 4 puppies at once.  We are making forays out into the world to such exotic places as PetSmart and Sutherlands for socialization opportunities.  They are still having problems with car sickness but are improving. 

If you are interested in a puppy, please complete my Buyer Questionnaire (If you have trouble opening the link to this Word document, just email me for a copy).  That is the first step in obtaining a Shetara puppy.

Barbara Roy


Green Boy - Shetara's Rock 'N Roll Legend (AKA Elvis)


Green Girl - Shetara's Lady Sings the Blues (AKA Billie)


Oange Girl - Shetara's County Music Star (AKA Carrie)


Yellow Boy - Shetara's Reggae Band (AKA Reggie)