The "Music" Litter

Week 6 Puppy Pictures

Whelped 6/6/2013

The puppies are growing like weeds!  They are all happy, tail wagging pups who love to chew on my slippers and bathrobe - unfortunately while I am still in them!  I introduce new toys every few days and they all have tried out the agility tunnel.  Taking pictures gets to be more difficult as they want to go in three different directions at once.

 They all come running to "Puppy, Puppy" and love to explore.  This week they went outside for the first time.  They are venturing out the dog door into the enclosed puppy yard.  They have met the other Belgians in the household and learned they better not mess with Grandma Sheba!  While Annie still allows them to nurse when they catch up to her, they are eating solid food and are separated from Mom most of the day during this transition period.

This week they get their first shots and worming. Ouch! 

Puppy evaluation time is fast approaching and I think there will be three girls and one boy with that "look at me" attitude needed for show prospects. The rest will be placed in active pet homes.  If you are interested in a puppy, please complete my Buyer Questionnaire (If you have trouble opening the link to this Word document, just email me for a copy).  That is the first step in obtaining a Shetara puppy.

Barbara Roy


Blue Boy


Green Boy


Green Girl


Orange Boy


Orange Girl


Pink Girl (ran out of pink ribbons so switched to yellow)


Purple Boy


White Girl


Yellow Boy