The "Music" Litter

Week 7 Puppy Pictures

Whelped 6/6/2013

This week they got their first shots and were wormed.  Most didn't even whimper. What brave puppies!

They are getting braver, exploring farther and farther out into the big dog pen.  I take them out several times a day, especially after meals. Between that and the dog door to the puppy pen, it is paying off with fewer poops to clean up inside.  Wish they would get a little better with the piddle!  Going through LOTS of newspapers every day. My trash man must wonder what is going on, since I have about 5 times the trash I had before.

Puppy evaluation time is fast approaching and I think there will be three girls and one boy with that "look at me" attitude needed for show prospects. The rest will be placed in active pet homes.  If you are interested in a puppy, please complete my Buyer Questionnaire (If you have trouble opening the link to this Word document, just email me for a copy).  That is the first step in obtaining a Shetara puppy.

Barbara Roy


Yellow Boy


Blue Boy


Green Boy


Green Girl


Orange Boy


Orange Girl


Pink Girl


Purple Boy


White Girl