The "Music" Litter

Week 8 Puppy Pictures

Whelped 6/6/2013

So much has happened this week!  The puppies ears are starting to go up. First one puppy and then another are getting erect ears.  The puppies with the larger, heavier ears will be the last ones to have both ears erect.  They will go up and down for a few days to a week until both stay up permanently.

Saturday morning I took Bikini to a UKC fun match and took a few of the puppies with me for an outing.  Green Boy, White Girl, Orange Girl, and Green Girl spent the morning outside in an X-pen enjoying the unexpected cool weather.  It was their first ride in the car and first time in a dog crate. Despite the frequent howling, they all did very well and enjoyed making new friends.

Puppy evaluations were done ahead of schedule - unheard of around here!  But two breeder/handler friends were able to visit and help me with the evaluations on Saturday afternoon.  As a result Orange Boy went home to Nebraska with my friend Melody Jensen and Orange Girl will probably be my next show girl.  You can thank Melody for the improved quality of this week's pictures! Several other puppies may have show potential and the rest will be placed as pets.

 If you are interested in a puppy, please complete my Buyer Questionnaire (If you have trouble opening the link to this Word document, just email me for a copy).  That is the first step in obtaining a Shetara puppy.

Barbara Roy



Movement Videos


Blue Boy

Green Boy - now Shetara's Rock 'N Roll Legend AKA "Elvis"

Green Girl

Orange Boy - now Shetara's Three Part Harmony - AKA "Trio"

Orange Girl  - now Shetara's Country Music Star AKA "Carrie"

Pink Girl

Purple Boy

White Girl

Yellow Boy