The "Music" Litter

Week 9 Puppy Pictures

Whelped 6/6/2013

This week the remaining 8 puppies got their microchips implanted.  Such brave puppies!  My friend Dave Scheiris implanted most of them and he showed me how to do it too. So in future I should be able to do it myself.

The puppies are VERY active and inquisitive, poking their noses into everything.  This week they discovered the baby pool in the big dog's yard and had fun splashing around in that. They are exploring the dog crate I put in their pen. Several have had a chance to take a car ride - I have to do it in shifts with so many puppies.  They did NOT enjoy it.

There are still a few puppies looking for forever homes.  If you are interested in a puppy, please complete my Buyer Questionnaire (If you have trouble opening the link to this Word document, just email me for a copy).  That is the first step in obtaining a Shetara puppy.

Barbara Roy



Movement Videos


Blue Boy - Shetara's Coda


Green Boy - Shetara's Rock 'N Roll Legend (AKA Elvis)


Green Girl - Shetara's Lady Sings the Blues (AKA Billie)


Oange Girl - Shetara's County Music Star (AKA Carrie)


Pink Girl - Shetara's Perfect Pitch


Purple Boy - Shetara's Midnight Madrigal


White Girl - Shetara's Red Hot Jazz (AKA Jazz)


Yellow Boy - Shetara's Reggae Band (AKA Reggie)