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The many faces of Sheba!  


Welcome to Sheba's page! Sheba and I found each other in January 2006 when she was 18 months old. Her owner had changed jobs and left her with parents who had a bulldog puppy mill and kept her in a kennel fulltime. She was starved for attention.

I was actually searching for another German Shepherd dog to replace my old dog Bruiser who had passed away just before Christmas. But I wasn't finding the quality of GSD I wanted, so when I saw an ad in the Kansas City Star for a Belgian Shepherd, I decided it wouldn't hurt to check it out - especially when I looked up the registration information the owner gave me over the phone. She was a well bred dog with an excellent OFA background. I was not familiar with Belgians, so I did alot of research before going to meet her and decided I liked the breed. I was impressed with her pedigree too. She is by Ch. Liket's Please Remember Me and Ch. Liket's Moon Over Georgia and was bred by Beth Lachnitt, a breeder & judge from Texas. And when I met her, it was love at first sight!

We tried our hand at showing in 2006, but Sheba was not happy in the conformation ring.  We participated in a few shows, but it was obvious it wasn't something she enjoyed.  However, we attended conformation classes and learned SOOO much.  Showing is so much fun and I have met some great people. 

After taking a few herding lessons, I discovered that Sheba was REALLY good at that!  Her instructor Larry Painter was impressed with her progress, so she spent a month in spring 2007 in residence with him to work on her herding title.  She earned the three legs of her Herding Started Sheep (HSAs) title in only 3 matches with two High in Trial (HIT) scores.  I just may get her some goats or sheep of her own next year for practice.  Just need to get a good fence up to keep them away from my fruit trees!

A friend convinced me to let Sheba have another shot at conformation with her handling her instead of me.  As a result, Sheba earned back to back majors at the Kansas City show in 2008 and I went on to finish her last few singles for her championship at the St. Joseph, MO show in Jan 2009.  It turns out that Sheba just showed better for strangers than for "mom".

Sheba has her CERF clearance, OFA excellent hips and OFA normal elbows.  She also passed her ATTS temperament test at the age of 18 months with flying colors. 

Sheba whelped her first and only litter on April 26, 2009.  She was bred to Ch. Elancer's British Invasion (Boston) and the puppies were gorgeous.  My primary goal with this mating was to preserve the breed's beauty, health, herding, and performance ability for an all-around dog.  I kept a male from this breeding who turned out to be my first Bred By Exhibitor champion.  Check out information on Dancer on his own page.


April 26, 2009 Sheba whelped 7 healthy puppies - 4 boys (1 Terv) and 3 girls.  Mom & babies are doing wonderfully.

Mar 30, 2009 Sheba is definitely pregnant!  She's starting to plump up a little around the midriff. I'm counting the days!

Feb 25, 2009 Sheba was bred to Boston. Hopefully, there will be puppies expected the end of April.

Jan 30-31, 2009 NEWS FLASH!!! Sheba was WB at the St. Joseph, MO show to finish her championship!

Jan 17, 2009 Sheba was WB for another point at the Des Moines, IA show.  Only 2 singles to go!

Oct 12, 2008  Sheba was reserve WB to Annie who received a 3 point major at the Lawrence, KS show.  Now Annie has both majors and 10 points and Sheba has both majors and 12 points.  It's a race to the finish!

Oct 2, 2008  Sheba received Excellent rating at the UKC Regional Specialty under judge Skip Stanbridge with me handling her.  At the National Specialty on Saturday, Sheba won her class and received an Excellent rating.  It was alot of fun handling her myself.  Click here to see pics of the UKC National.

Aug 16, 17, 2008  Sheba went BOW in Topeka, Kansas earning 2 points on Saturday under judge Pat Hastings and another point on Sunday.  She now has 12 points and counting!  Hoping to make that championship before breeding her in the spring..

April 27, 2008 Sheba went BOW and BOB at the Seward, NE show for another point! She has 9 points with both majors under her belt now.

Dec 1, 2007  YIPPEE!  Sheba just earned the final leg of her HSAs title at a herding trial in Whitesboro, TX, earning a score of 92 out of 100 and her second High in Trial.  I salute Larry Painter of Clevelend, MO. for training/handling her to this victory.  They make a terrific team.

August 25-26, 2007  NEWS FLASH!  Sheba floored me by taking Best of Winners at the Kansas City Heart of America show Saturday for a 5 point major (because there were 7 boys).  Then Sunday she went Winners Bitch for another 3 point major!  My friend Melody Jensen convinced me to give Sheba one more shot at the conformation ring with her handling her instead of me.  So I guess we know now that our previous unsuccessful attempts were due primarily to novice handler nerves!  So Melody will be showing Sheba at her next show.  They make a great team in the ring.  Thanks Melody!

June 16-17th, 2007  BIG NEWS!!!!  Sheba attended her very first herding trial in Springfield, NE.  She came in 3rd in her class on Saturday but placed first in her class on Sunday.  But the best part was that she was also High in Trial on Sunday!  What a fabulous start to her herding career!  She now has two of the three legs needed for her HSAs title.  Click here to see pics of her first herding trial.

Barbara Roy

Email: info@shetara.com



Sheba earned her championship!




Here is a "naked" Sheba at the Tulsa show November 2007  where she took reserve winners bitch.




Here she is at the Kansas City shows this summer where she earned two majors and went Best of Winners!  



Here she is in her "everyday" clothes on the farm.


Sheba wins first place and HIT for the second leg towards her HSAs title in Springfield, NE.  June 16-17th, 2007:

Here's Sheba "herding" geese in our back yard!

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