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Sheba Earns ALL 3 Legs of Her HSAs Title in 3 Trials!

SHEBA HERDING TRIAL Dec 1, 2007 Whitesboro, TX

Sheba placed 1st in her HSAs class on Saturday with a score of 92 out of 100, earning her second High in Trial for the final leg of her HSAs title.  Larry Painter deserves full credit for cultivating my girl's special talent.  Way to go Sheba!  Click on the link above to see more pics of her trial.


SHEBA'S FIRST HERDING TRIAL June 16-17th, 2007 Springfield, Nebraska

Sheba placed 3rd in her HSAs class Saturday and first on Sunday, earning High in Trial in her first weekend out!  She earned two of the three legs she needs for her HSAs title.  Much thanks to her trainer/handler Larry Painter of Cleveland, Missouri for bringing out Sheba's full potential.  Click on the link above to see pics of her herding trial.