BSCA National Specialty 2014 Pictures

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Stud Dog Class with Melody Jensen and Dancer in center with son Trio to left and Elvis to right



Carrie placed Second in Bred By Exhibitor Bitches!


Elvis showed well and placed 4th in Bred By Exhibitor Dogs.  Here he is showing off his movement.

Head shots of Dancer for his portrait.

More family portraits for the stud dog class.

Melody showing her boy Romeo in Bred By Exhibitor


Elvis pretty head shots

Melody placed third with her boy Romeo and Elvis took fourth

Carrie showed well and placed second in the large Bred By Exhibitor class

Kitty Bern showed daddy Dancer for me

I showed Elvis

Melody showed Trio. Trio was entered in the classes but Melody didn't show him due to his jitters getting the best of him. He had settled down by the time the stud dog class rolled around though.

Dancer was busy looking for Mom!

I think this was the Regional Specialty class held the day before the national specialty. There is Melody with Trio showing beautifully.

Regional Specialty held day before the national.

Beautiful head shot of Elvis.





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